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INFORAD Moto  has been specially designed not to disturb your attention or driving.

The product is divided into two parts:

The support part that attaches to the motorcycle’s body: its purpose is to hold the cartridge in position and also to connect it to the system’s other components.

The cartridge part, which constitutes the heart of the system. It contains all of the GPS positioning electronics as well as the memory necessary to store the database of risk zones, just to cite the main elements.

Warning light

The warning light triggers the alarm of nearby risk zones. This warning light is in the form of a flexible cable that attaches to any tubular part accessible on the front of the motorcycle using two collars (supplied). 20 cm long, the flexible cable ends in a luminous tube the driver can orientate as he wants to avoid any nuisance while driving.

The warning light is equipped with two high luminosity (6000 to 8000 mcd) LEDs (red and green) that can be seen in broad daylight.

Explanation of the different warning lights


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