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INFORAD is pleased to announce the commercialisation of its 4th generation radar warning system: Inforad V4e

Appearance: Small, round and lightweight, the V4e can be held in the palm of your hand. Its metallic grey colour discretely harmonises with all dashboards. It has two large buttons on the upper front and a translucent smoke façade that elegantly hides five tricolour luminous diodes.

Technical features: the V4e is quite naturally fully compatible with its predecessors, yet proudly displays its modernity.

  • no installation is required
  • fast start-up (10 to 15 seconds)
  • speed controller
  • route recorder
  •  melodies  with a clear tone adapted to each type of warning
  •  volume control for sound alarms
  • luminous blinking adapted to each type of warning 

Attractive, the latest addition to the family won’t leave anyone who looks at it indifferent. Right away one wants to pick it up and possess it.


Using INFORAD Auto V4e

INFORAD signals the presence of fixed radar and risk zones.

An indispensable partner for every driver, this small unit placed on your dashboard will help you avoid speeding, conserve points on your driving permit and increase your safety.

INFORAD is reliable and effective.

Thanks to the GPS* system, INFORAD constantly knows your vehicle’s position and its processor compares this position with risk zones contained in its database. As soon as you enter a dangerous zone, controlled by a radar or not, INFORAD tells you immediately using simple and understandable warning lights and sound signals.

INFORAD’s other features.

  • Easy to position in all vehicles including transport lorries (12/24 volts)
  • Automatic updates of the database (PC + Internet connection)
  • Free subscription to updates
  • Everyone can enter his own personal risk zones in the database
  • “Speed controller” function for safety and ability to memorise your route (configurable recorder)
  • 2-year carry-in warranty
  • 6 Choice of accessories: several accessories are now available for sale .

New INFORAD MANAGER software has been developed specifically to take full advantage of the V4e’s capabilities. It includes in particular a unique function for this type of product: an interactive learning zone to help users better understand how their V4e operates.

NOTE: Be sure to uninstall any old version of Inforad Manager from your PC before using INFORAD V4e.

* GPS (Global Positioning System): network of satellites emitting a signal that enables a GPS receiver to define with high precision a vehicle’s position, speed and altitude.
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