INFORAD is legal and complies with the Highway Code


INFORAD is designed to make you aware of your speed and encourage respect and prudence on the highways. A recent survey (click here) from UK vehicle technology group TG21, has shown that 94% of GPS speed camera detector users become more aware of their speed. The survey also found that 93% of users are more aware of speed limits and 89% feel that they drive more safely.

The survey appears to contradict the theory that speed camera detector users want to break speed limits. The safety aspect of speed camera detectors is also one of the main reasons for purchasing a device: while 85% said they wanted to be alerted to camera sites, more than half (59%) also wanted to be more aware of road speed limits, although 37% of respondents had never had a speeding ticket.

INFORAD uses GPS technology so is 100% road legal. It is designed to warn you of risk areas to help you observe traffic law. It does not detect the presence of, or cause interference to, Doppler or mobile laser radar speed traps and so will remain legal when the new UK Road Traffic Bill becomes law – unlike many other road safety devices currently on the market.

Inforad is road legal and easy to use, simply place it on your dash and plug it in.

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