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Your INFORAD pack contains

  • A fixed part (“support”) that is installed on the vehicle
  • A removable part (“cartridge”) that contains all of the electronics and that connects to the support. This mobility lets you easily perform updates.
  • A GPS antenna that is connects directly to the support via a one-metre long coaxial cable. It is self-adhesive and can be placed virtually anywhere on the motorcycle, even on a non-metallic part.
  • A warning light, comprised of:
  • a 20 cm long flexible cable, attached to the front of the motorcycle – (2 attachment collars are supplied)
  • a luminous tube that can be oriented and adjusted, equipped with two high luminosity diodes; one red and one green. This luminosity, which is necessary for visibility in broad daylight, adjusts automatically throughout the day so it never blinds the driver, especially at night where it is at its minimum.
  • A USB M-1 cable to connect your Inforad Moto product to your PC’s USB port.
  • A power cable to connect directly to the battery (5V to 28V) using a simple system equipped with a watertight fuse to avoid any short-circuit



  • The PC driver can be downloaded free of charge from our website: http://www.inforad.net,

    Minimum PC configuration:
    a PC with Internet access and Windows 98 Second Edition.
    Our configuration software does not currently exist in a Mac OS version.


  • Includes a one-year standard exchange warranty
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