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Your INFORAD pack contains

  • An INFORAD GPS receiver, with integrated antenna,
  • A USB cable to connect to a computer and electrical power supply via the cigarette lighter adapter,
  • A 12/24 volt cigarette lighter adapter,
  • An INFORAD MAGIC CARPET, a new elastomer material that is incredibly effective at attaching all sorts of objects to your dashboard. Discrete, resistant, washable and easy to remove and reuse, it doesn’t leave any traces,
  • A new driver for PCs, Inforad Manager 3 (IFM3) can be downloaded free of charge from out website:  http://www.inforad.net.

    NOTE: do not use old versions of Inforad Manager (IFM1 or IFM2) with INFORAD V3.

    Minimum PC configuration :
    A PC with Internet access and Windows 98 Second Edition.
    Our configuration software does not currently exist in a Mac OS version.
  • A quadrilingual user manual can be downloaded here \"\"
  • A 2-year carry-in warranty

  Options :

  • External live antenna
  • Multicolour cases
  • Cigarette lighter adapter
  • Car power supply
  • Wired cable & Bluetooth
  • Protective case
  • Non-slip mat
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